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Sincere Knowledge for Prime Health Seminar

Sincere Knowledge For Prime Health Seminar

In conjunction with PRIME Magazine and The Prestige Group (Our Official Event Financial Partner), Sincere Healthcare Group is holding the ‘Sincere Knowledge for Prime Health’ seminar on Saturday 23 September.

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(VIDEO) Dr (Mrs) Annapoorna Venkat on Post-Natal Depression

In this recent television media interview, our Medical Director Dr (Mrs) Annapoorna Venkat shares more Post-Natal Depression and how to manage it. The interview is in Tamil. […]

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(VIDEO) Maintaining Sexual Health As You Age

Did you know that sexual health is an important part of an individual’s overall health? In this informative video, our clinical sexologist Professor Ganesan P Adaikan shares […]

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(VIDEO) What To Expect In The 9 Months Of Pregnancy

In this informative video, Dr (Mrs) Annapoorna Venkat outlines what to expect in the nine months of pregnancy and how to prepare for a smooth delivery.

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(VIDEO) The Long-Term Benefits Of Post-Delivery Vaginal Reconditioning

Many women suffer in silence, especially after giving birth to their child. As they dedicate themselves to taking care of the needs of their baby and […]

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Maintaining Sexual Health As You Age

(UPDATE) Check out the healthcare talk ‘Maintaining Sexual Health as You Age‘ delivered by our Clinical Sexologist Consultant, Professor P Ganesan Adaikan at the recent ‘Our Health, […]

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Journey To Parenthood

(UPDATE) Check out the healthcare talks delivered by Dr (Mrs) Annapoorna Venkat and Dr James Lee at our recent Journey To Parenthood pregnancy care seminar.   […]

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