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10 Ways To Support Your Partner Through Fertility Treatment


When a couple begins fertility treatment, it is an exciting step in their journey towards parenthood. But with endless doctor’s checkups, hormone injections, and going through egg retrieval and implantation, this process can shift the couple into a period of extreme physical, mental, and emotional stress. A supportive and non-judgmental partner can make the difference between a happier, stronger relationship and a broken partnership.

Here are 10 ways to support your partner during fertility treatments so that you can both get through this challenging process in the best way possible:



1) Help Around The House

Whether you already share the household chores equally or your partner does most of the cleaning, helping out around the house will make life easier for your partner. It will relieve physical and mental stress living in a home that is uncluttered and clean.

Step up your game and take care of your partner’s usual tasks. Start with the laundry and offer to shop for the groceries. Aside from chores, you can also plan the week’s menu and cook your partner a nice dinner to show that she is appreciated.


2) Take Some Time Out

For most couples who decide to undergo fertility treatment, it becomes all-consuming. Before treatment even begins, there is a lot to research, consider and discuss, such as what treatment options are available, how to finance it, how to prepare for the process, and pre-fertility screening. While you’re going through treatment, the entire process can be overwhelming.

While you and your partner are invested and committed to becoming parents, it is just as important that the process does not consume and occupy every second of your lives.  Alleviate the pressures of conceiving by going out on dates or finding an activity or hobby that you both enjoy. Doing so will not only help you both relax, it will keep your relationship alive.


3) Be Present And Share The Journey

Actions speak so much louder than words. It’s not enough to support and comfort with words. You have to be physically present and support your partner throughout the process. Aside from accompanying her on her doctor’s appointments, remember to also be by her side when she takes her hormone injections at home. Showing up and being present are true marks of a shared journey.


4) Listen More, Talk Less

When the going gets really tough—and it will—your partner will need to be reassured that you are always there to empathise with her when she complains about stomach cramps, nausea or breast tenderness due to the hormone injections, or if she is just feeling blue.

Listen, first and foremost, but also be mindful of the time you both allow for this empathy. Do not let things slip into depression or consume your entire day. When in doubt, go back to number 2 on this list.


5) Don’t Ever Play The Blame Game

No matter how tired or stressed you are, don’t ever say things like “If it wasn’t for you, we would be pregnant by now!”. Don’t blame each other; instead, remember that this is something that you both decided to go through together—for better or for worse, in sickness and in health.


6) Respect Your Partner’s Decision

Your partner has to go through the physical ordeal of fertility treatment, so you should listen to her decisions regarding her body. If she wants to change treatment or take a break, support her decision. After all, she is the one who knows best what is happening to her body.


7) Educate Yourself

Knowledge is power, and it could very well be the key to an easier fertility journey. Before and during the process, you will have multiple discussions about assisted reproductive treatments and it will help if you know the relevant medical terms, the types of treatments, and their risks and outcomes. During visits to the doctor, actively participate in the conversation and ask plenty of questions so that you not only have a better understanding of the procedure, but you will also show your partner that she is not going through the treatment alone.


8) Pamper Her

Your wife might be constantly worrying about the results of your fertility treatment, which can affect her negatively and even make it harder to conceive. Help your wife take her mind off fertility treatments by doing things that can make her feel more relaxed. A visit to the salon for a manicure or the spa for a massage can do wonders to stop her anxieties.


9) Seek Help Through Counselling

Although advancements in assisted reproductive treatments have enabled more couples to get pregnant, there are still those who struggle with infertility. When they are not able to conceive, frustration and depression can easily take over. Before that even happens, make sure you have professional help. Do not be ashamed to seek counseling and commit to it as a couple.


10) Be Her Cheerleader

The fact that your partner is going through fertility treatment is already an indication of how strong she is, so be her No. 1 fan and champion her courage and strength through the good and bad. Be sensitive and keep criticism at bay.


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