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Sexology is the branch of science dedicated to studying human sexuality and sexual behaviour.

What is sexology?

With the development of Sexology as an interdisciplinary scientific study, medical professionals are more aware of the need to discuss human sexuality, especially among patients having difficulties having a happy sex life and, more so, in conceiving a child.

Our Services

At Sincere Healthcare Group, we do not just focus on our patient’s physical causes of infertility. We also concentrate on the couple’s interpersonal relationship to identify socio-cultural factors that affect their sexuality and ability to have a baby. Such factors include harbouring strong misconceptions about healthy sexuality, lack of sexual knowledge, and a history of sexual abuse and other traumas. By identifying these problems, we can provide appropriate treatments and counselling so that our patients will achieve not only the family they long dreamed of but develop a happy and healthy sexual relationship as well.

Our Clinical Sexologist

Our Clinical Sexologist and Sexual Medicine and Health Consultant, Professor Ganesan Adaikan, has several decades of experiences in sexual medicine and specialises in Diagnosis and Treatment of Sexual Disorders in men and women, Counselling and Sex Therapy for individuals and couples, and Sexual Rehabilitation for Regaining Intimacy. All sessions are conducted with the utmost respect, tact and sensitivity.

Sexology Treatments & Counselling

  • Evaluation of Male and Female Sexual Difficulties
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Sexual Disorders in Men and Women
  • Counselling and Sex Therapy for Individuals and Couples
  • Sexual Rehabilitation for Regaining Intimacy
  • Interventions for Unconsummated Marriages
  • Sexual Concerns Addressing Fertility
  • Behavioural and Lifestyle Therapies

Need Help?

Book an appointment with our Sexologist to discuss best treatment options for you.

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