Getting Ready For Your First Visit To A Fertility Clinic

Fertility clinics are managed by doctors, nurses, nursing aids, and other vital staff members in the laboratory, who are specialists in various aspects of fertility issues […]

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The Importance Of Fertility Screening

Much like health screening, early fertility screening allows for the prompt diagnosis of existing conditions […]

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10 Ways To Support Your Partner Through Fertility Treatment

A supportive and non-judgmental partner can make the difference between a happier, stronger relationship and a broken partnership […]

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What Is ICSI Treatment and How Is It Different From IVF?

Infertility is a health problem that afflicts men and women equally. Of the diagnosed cases of infertility, 50 percent of couples have female factor infertility, 50 percent male factor infertility […]

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Test Tube Baby: Know Why and How It Is Done

The term “test tube baby” was first used in 1978 with the successful birth of Louise Joy Brown in England, thanks to the development of the Assisted Reproduction Technique (ART) known as In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) by pioneering scientist Sir Robert Edwards and gynaecologist Dr. Patrick Steptoe […]

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What Is Postnatal Depression?

It is estimated that around two-thirds of women will experience “Postnatal Blues” during the first week after delivering their child […]

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(VIDEO) Dr (Mrs) Annapoorna Venkat on Post-Natal Depression

In this recent television media interview, our Medical Director Dr (Mrs) Annapoorna Venkat shares more Post-Natal Depression and how to manage it. The interview is in Tamil. […]

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woman expecting pregnancy

(VIDEO) What To Expect In The 9 Months Of Pregnancy

In this informative video, Dr (Mrs) Annapoorna Venkat outlines what to expect in the nine months of pregnancy and how to prepare for a smooth delivery.

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7 Things to Avoid When Trying to Conceive

Every couple who wants to have a child should be aware of certain things that may hinder their attempts at conception.

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