Concierge Services

Simplify your journey with us as we provide a one-point of contact to meet your specific needs and be with you every step of the way. Going overseas for medical treatment is an important decision which should be considered carefully.
Sincere Healthcare Group is synonymous with exceptional medical expertise matched by our commitment to personalised care.

Guided by our philosophy to touch the hearts of our patients with sincerity and care, our professional and friendly staff is trained to listen intuitively to their needs, starting from the initial enquiries, scheduling of appointments with our Specialists, and through to their departure and follow-up medical care.

We understand the stress and anxiety patients and their family members faced in a foreign country. To ensure patients have a pleasant experience, a relaxed and serene environment as well as the warm hospitality of our staff will ensure their stress melts away the moment they step into an of our medical centres. Total privacy is assured.

The goal of our Group is to alleviate pain, restore function, and enhance quality of life for our patients. Hence, it is the goal of the Global Patient Office to make certain that access to world-class care is not a world away. Amidst the treatment, you will have time to unwind in a beautiful city and have access to all the modern amenities. All arrangements are taken care of, from hotel accommodation to limo service at your disposal.

In summary, you will be well taken care of, both pre- and post-treatment.
We serve embassies, consulates, foreign governments, insurers and individual patients around the world.
Medical Care Arrangements
Schedule all necessary appointments, diagnostic procedures, assistance with hospital admission.
Financial Counselling
Travel-related assistance
Visa application and extension, flight reservations, meet-and-greet at airport.
Airport transfers, ground ambulances, complimentary clinic limo transfers
Evacuation & Repatriation Assistance
Multi-lingual staff
Bahasa Indonesian, Burmese, English, Mandarin, Malay, Tagalog, Tamil, others upon request
The first step in getting more information on our range of medical services or to make an appointment with any of our Specialists is to contact us at hotline: +65 6507 0766 , email:

Or, you can fill out the online Form below and provide us with some basic details and the purpose of your enquiry so that we can respond appropriately. We will strive to attend to all enquiries systematically and promptly within the usual working days.
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