Embryology Laboratory

Embryology services are available in both Sincere IVF Center and O&G Partners IVF Centre. Our embryology laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility that places a strong emphasis on patient safety and excels in the achievement of pregnancy.

Our highly trained fertility specialists, together with our dedicated team of embryologists, medical technologists, nurses and counsellors, care deeply for your reproductive health and are committed to providing you with quality and personalised services.

Clinical Services

We introduce the sperm and the egg in our embryology laboratory and monitor them for evidence of fertilisation. Once fertilised, the appropriate number of embryos is prepared for placement near the endometrial cavity.

During the IVF process, when fertilisation is hindered, we inject the sperm directly into the egg to help ensure fertilisation.

Sperm is retrieved from men who have no sperm in their ejaculate. Our team will then identify viable sperm and preserve it until the time is right for fertilisation.

Our team will monitor the embryos while they grow in the laboratory. We will preserve embryos until the time is right for transfer.