3-In-1 Parenthood Package

The desire to have a baby is so strong that it has helped many couples overcome all odds and difficulties on their journey. Here at Sincere IVF Center, we empathise and are totally committed to offer our patients the very best chance of achieving a successful outcome – a healthy baby. We always discuss each step of the programme carefully and explain the options available to you.

Our 3-in-1 Parenthood Package steps are as follows:

Step 1 – Couple Fertility Screening at S$690.00 (exclusive of 7% GST). The Fertility Screening includes comprehensive blood tests (Female) to test for 14 components, with Pelvis Ultrasound scan, Pap Smear (Thin Prep), Hormonal Profile, Thyroid Profile, Anti-Mullerian Hormone, Anti-TG and Anti-TPO, Progesterone and many.

Step 2 – IVF Treatment Package estimated cost from 18K and above (No hidden cost). Patients will receive a 5% discount on each of their total medical bills.

Singapore & PR may use of Medisave withdraws for IVF treatment $15k The maximum withdrawal limits for individuals treatment cycles are $6k for 1st cycle, $5k for the 2nd cycle and $4k for 3rd cycle Payment are made during on each procedure.

Step 3 – Antenatal Package Please discuss with our staff nurses for more information.

Each package comprises of:

  • Medicines, Investigations (hormone tests & ultrasound)
  • Professional fees for Oocyte Retrieval – Embryos Replacement including Operating theatre & Lab facility charges
  • Miscellaneous
    • Freezing – depends on number of eggs
    • Storage for 1 year
    • Insurance*
      • for 2 embryos replaced
      • for 3 embryos replaced
      • *Insurance is only for patients who wish to deliver in Singapore
        *All charges are subjected to 7% GST
        *We reserve the right to amend the package without prior notice

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