Is Your Sperm At Its Best? 3 Tests To Determine Sperm Health



Conversations about infertility often revolve around the woman, and many people automatically think that it is the woman who has reproductive issues. However, male infertility is also a common problem when facing difficulties in conceiving. In many cases of male infertility, this could be due to abnormal sperm production or function.

With the high occurrences of male factor infertility, in depth and precise sperm testing has become more important than ever since it can help in designing the most appropriate treatment protocol that can increase the chances of having a successful pregnancy for couples.


Fertility Testing for Men

The great news is that Sincere Andrology Laboratory offers a wide-range of tests known as the Andrology Functional Tests that are extremely useful in determining if the male partner’s sperm health is at its best. These tests go beyond the information that a regular semen analysis contains. Conducted using the lab’s modern facilities, these semen analysis tests provide detailed evaluation on a man’s reproductive health status. These tests specifically provide information about sperm formation, function, and free radicals that might be damaging the sperm and causing infertility.


DNA Fragmentation Assay

What is it?

This is also called the Sperm Chromatin Dispersion (SCD) test. It is a simple, fast, and reliable procedure that determines the frequency of sperm cells with fragmented DNA.

Why is it important?

Sperm DNA integrity is one of the important determinants of normal fertilization and embryo development. This test will show if the problem lies in the sperm’s DNA. The frequency of sperm DNA fragmentation is expressed as DNA Fragmentation Index (DFI). A sample with DFI <10% has high fertilization potential while a DFI >30% denotes poor prognosis for IUI and IVF treatment and the man will require clinical treatment to improve his sperm quality.


Sperm Oxidative Stress Assay

What is it?

Oxidative stress is a state where there is increased cellular damage in the sperm triggered by oxygen and oxygen-derived free radicals known as reactive oxygen species (ROS). Oxidative stress has been identified as one of the many factors affecting male infertility by causing sperm dysfunction.

Why is it important?

A high level of ROS overwhelms the body’s antioxidant defenses. While small amounts of ROS are required for normal sperm functioning, disproportionate levels can negatively impact the quality of spermatozoa and impair their overall fertilizing capacity.


Hyaluronan Binding Assay (HBA)

What is it?

The Sperm Hyaluronan Binding Assay is a qualitative assay for sperm maturity, quality and fertilizing potential in a fresh semen sample.

Why is it important?

The HBA test distinguishes between mature sperm and those that are not. This additional information will help the attending physician to identify patients with poor reproductive prognosis in Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI) and In- vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Since assisted reproductive treatment can be a lengthy journey of multiple stages, it helps to ensure that all issues regarding the sperm are diagnosed and treated before embarking on the full treatment aspect. These three in depth sperm tests aid in this goal and can help in the successful diagnosis and treatment of male infertility.


About Sincere Andrology Laboratory

The Sincere Andrology Laboratory is a highly specialised clinical unit under the Sincere IVF Center. Its main focus is conducting a series of detailed Andrology tests using advanced technology for the diagnosis and treatment of male factor infertility.

Many physicians helping couples in their assisted reproductive treatment choose Sincere Andrology Laboratory because of its comprehensive menu of Andrology testing procedures. In all its Andrology tests, the lab maintains stringent quality control to make sure that patients are provided with accurate results and diagnoses.

Sincere Andrology Laboratory not only invests in the latest technology but more importantly, it hires experienced laboratory technicians and continues to train them so they can keep abreast of the new developments and techniques in sperm testing and assisted reproductive treatments.


For more inquiries about sperm testing or if you would like to schedule a consultation for assisted reproductive treatments, you may call 6507 0766 or send an email to

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