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Singaporean couples who are considering Assisted Reproductive Treatments (ART) have different options based on their age and health condition. However, the biggest deterrent for most couples in pursuing treatment is cost. Whether it is at a private or public hospital, fertility treatments can be a financial dilemma.

Fortunately, The Ministry of Health (MOH) has made changes to the Medisave cap, which gives more funding flexibility to couples and allows them to tap on their Medisave to pay for their ART treatments at private fertility clinics.


Withdrawal Limits for Medisave for Fertility Treatments

Since the MOH lifted the three-cycle limit for Medisave claims for ART procedures in 2013, more and more couples have used this funding option to support their dream of having a child. It can be used at both private and public fertility centres and is available for Singapore citizens, Permanent Residents and foreign nationals married to a Singapore citizen.

All standard procedures involved in the different fertility treatment options such as ovarian stimulation, hormonal treatments, thawing and transfer of embryo, and the like can be claimable under Medisave. However, initial checkups and other procedures prior to starting the actual fertility treatment cannot be included. With that said, funding from Medisave can still significantly reduce a couple’s out-of-pocket expenses and make ART more affordable.

Here are the withdrawal limits for Medisave for ART procedures:

 Treatment Cycle Medisave Withdrawal Allowed
 First Up to S$6,000
Lifetime withdrawal limit of S$15,000 per patient for IVF and other Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) treatments
Second Up to S$5,000
Third and Subsequent Up to S$4,000

There is still, however, a cumulative lifetime Medisave withdrawal limit of $15,000 for ART treatments. This is to ensure that Medisave funds are not depleted prematurely since it is primarily meant for covering hospitalization costs, which are more likely to occur during the later years of life.


Should I Go Public or Private for Fertility Treatment?

While co-funding is available at public fertility centres, couples who opt for treatment at private clinics have the benefit of selecting highly experienced specialists. Couples seeking fertility treatment at public facilities may not able to select specific specialists, which can then limit the expertise available to them.

Patients at Sincere Healthcare Group, generally older couples with more complex conditions, have greatly benefited from the care of our team of specialists helmed by our Medical Director, Professor Ng Soon-Chye, who is regarded as Asia’s “Father of IVF”. He was also behind Asia’s first test-tube baby born in Singapore in 1983. Internationally renowned for his expertise in reproductive medicine and infertility treatment, Professor Ng pioneered fertility techniques that transformed the lives of many previously infertile couples. He also leads the veterinary team at the River Safari for the artificial insemination of giant pandas, Kai Kai and Jia Jia.

With the nature of any ART treatment, many external factors, such as specialist expertise, the level of care and good financial planning, play a critical role in the success of the treatment. Couples often begin their fertility journey hoping to save on ART treatments through additional funding but may end up paying more in the long run, due to unsuccessful attempts at treatment.


Using Medisave for Assisted Reproductive Treatments

If the costs of fertility treatments have been stopping you and your partner from taking the first step to realizing your dream of becoming parents, then it is time to give Medisave a closer look.

At Sincere IVF Center, through the expertise of our ART specialists, we have helped many couples better utilise their Medisave to achieve their desire to become parents. In 2017, we achieved an average 59% pregnancy success rate in patients below the age of 40, and almost 30% in patients above 40.

Consult with our fertility specialists at Sincere IVF Center so we can advise you on the most appropriate fertility treatment and how you can use Medisave to fund your procedure.

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