About Dr Caroline Low

Dr Caroline Low is an Anti-ageing physician of the Group. She has a keen interest in anti-ageing medicine, including laser skin treatments, anti-ageing screenings and hormonal therapy. Her area of professional expertise includes preventive medicine, health screening and aesthetic medicine.

Graduated in 1991 from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, aside from these special interest areas, she is also a general practitioner with over 22 years of experience. Dr Low has a keen interest in hormonal treatment and runs a successful andropause and menopause practice. She is also a frequent speaker in public forums on andropause where she has a strong personal interest. 

Dr Low is a fellow of the American Board of Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation Medicine since Aug 2007 and obtained her fellowship with the Australasian Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine in 2010. 

As an Anti-Aging Physician, it is her interest to make great strides in reducing the risks of disability and death from heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, cancer, senility and arthritis, essentially by modifying metabolism of the old to that of the young – in essence, achieving rejuvenation and reversal of aging. It is her belief that “Age is inevitable, Aging is not”.

Consultant Anti-Aging Physician

Discipline(s): Anti-Aging

Language(s): English