IVF Specialist & Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

Dr LC Foong, an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, was awarded a Medical Doctorate by the University of London in 1996, after two years of unique original research on the causes and treatment of chronic pelvic pain in women. This work has been published in medical literature journals and has proven to be the basis for further research on the subject in the United Kingdom.

Clinically, Dr Foong has had extensive training in sub-specialist skills in both Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART, also called in-vitro fertilisation “IVF”) and laparoscopic surgery (“keyhole surgery”).

Dr Foong joined the National University Hospital as a Consultant and Assistant Professor in 1996, where he continued to develop his clinical practice and interests in laparoscopic surgery and treatment of subfertility of all causes, but particularly with the use of IVF. Dr Foong also has a particular research interest in vascular abnormalities in women, notably in trying to determine the cause of certain conditions in pregnancy such as pre-eclampsia, and in subfertile women, with particular reference to ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, a rare complication of IVF.

Dr Foong is currently a consultant at O&G Partner’s Clinic for Women & Fertility Centre, in Gleneagles Hospital Singapore.