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Semen Analysis

A semen analysis looks at the volume and quality of a man’s sperm. It is one of the first steps to detect male fertility issues. The test also shows whether a vasectomy was successful. It involves collecting a sample and evaluating it in a lab.

Male Infertility

Research has shown that male infertility is the main factor in 20% of cases of failure to conceive, and a contributing factor in 30-40% of cases. The success rate for young, healthy couples to conceive in any given month is around 15%-25%.

The most common test is the Semen Analysis which is used to determine whether a man has an infertility problem by measuring the number and quality of sperms.

Semen Analysis @$65 (Incl. GST)

Semen analysis is a male fertility test to determine sperm health.  It evaluates factors such as:


  • Sperm count: refers to the number of sperm observed in the sample
  • Motility: refers to the speed at which the sperm are moving, or not
  • Morphology: refers to the shape of the sperm


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