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Sincere Healthcare Group’s Gynaecologicaly services are is located at Novena Specialist Centre in Singapore, and we provide individualised and high-quality care for women from the reproductive age to menopause and beyond.

Sincere Healthcare Group

Sincere Healthcare Group (“SHG”) is Singapore’s premier medical group that provides multi-disciplinary healthcare services for both men and women. Established in 2010, SHG operates Sincere IVF Center, Sincere Medical Specialist Center, Sincere Andrology Laboratory, O&G Partners IVF Center and SMSC-Andy Tan Clinic for Women, including an accredited and licensed Assisted Reproductive Centre.

forefront of fertility care

Discover the forefront of fertility care at Sincere Healthcare Group (SHG), Singapore’s premier destination for comprehensive fertility solutions. Our all-encompassing centers specialize in a wide spectrum of services, including In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Fertility Treatments, Elective Egg Freezing, Obstetrics & Gynaecology (OBGYN), Urology, Sexology, Andrology Laboratory, Vascular and Interventional procedures, and Reproductive Medicine.

Our Business

SHG’s core business is in fertility treatments and obstetrics and gynaecology. Additionally, it offers specialised services that include Assisted Reproductive Technology such as in-vitro fertilisation, Urology, Sexology, Andrology, as well as Vascular and Interventional procedures. The group has expanded its international footprint, with a location in Medini, Johor Bahru, Malaysia and strategic collaborations with associates and partners in China on patient management.

In-vitro fertilisation or IVF refers to the process of fertilising a woman’s egg outside of the body. The is different from natural fertilisation where the sperm fertilises the egg inside the woman’s uterus.
IUI is a type of artificial insemination. Artificial insemination means a simple procedure that enables conception by directing sperm into the uterus. In this process, a thin tube is placed directly into the cervix, and a carefully prepared sperm sample is injected directly through the catheter into the uterus.
Robotic surgery in gynaecology is the fastest growing area in robotic surgery outstripping robotic prostatectomy. This is because there are many more gynaecological procedures that can be performed robotically in the female pelvis.”
Laparoscopy is a surgical technique that enables the physician to examine the abdomen and pelvis by inserting a laparoscope (a thin fiberoptic tube with a camera at the end) through a small incision in the navel. Laparoscopy is a powerful diagnostic tool, allowing physicians to see problems which often are not detectable by a physical examination or ultrasound. Many conditions—such as tubal blockage, ovarian cysts, pelvic adhesions, uterine fibroids or endometriosis—can be treated by laparoscopy during the same surgery.

Our Treatments

In Singapore, SHG offers an integrated service and facility that serves as a one-stop centre for fertility management, pregnancy care (including high-risk pregnancies), and advanced gynaecologic surgical care using the latest techniques for minimally invasive surgery (such as laparoscopy and robotic surgery). Leveraging its strong track record of medical excellence and good clinical outcomes, SHG caters to diverse needs and ensures personalised and comprehensive treatment and care for each patient.


Our Team

At Sincere Healthcare Group, our team of skilled fertility specialists, andrologists, embryologists, and nurses has enabled countless couples to realize their dreams of parenthood. Our reputation extends both within Singapore and beyond. We proudly hold accreditation from RTAC (Reproduction Technology Accreditation Committee), the accrediting arm of the Fertility Society of Australia (FSA). Additionally, we are recognized by Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH) as an approved center for Assisted Reproductive Center.


Your journey to parenthood starts with us. Contact us today to embark on a path of hope and fulfilment.
Elective egg freezing, or oocyte cryopreservation, involves retrieving, freezing, and storing a woman’s eggs for future use. This procedure is chosen for non-medical purposes to preserve fertility, enabling women to delay childbirth until they’re prepared.

Egg Freezing

Elective egg freezing involves retrieving, freezing, and storing a woman’s eggs for future use.

In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)

In-vitro fertilisation or IVF refers to the process of fertilising a woman’s egg outside of the body.

Fertility Assessment

A Fertility Screening is useful for those who are planning to start a family and to speed up the lengthy process of test evaluations.

Gynaecology Services

We provide individualised and high-quality care for women from the reproductive age to menopause and beyond.

Andrology Laboratory

Andrology services to help azoospermic males including Microsurgical Epididymal Sperm Aspiration and Testicular Sperm Extraction.

Semen Analysis

Diagnosis of male fertility often starts with Semen Analysis (SA) which is based on sperm motility and macroscopic evaluation.

Packages Highlight

Couple Fertility Package---- @ $690

A Couple Fertility Screening is useful for those who are planning to start a family and to speed up the lengthy process of test evaluations.

Lady Wellness Package---- @ $399

Have you been trying for a child for the past year with no luck?

Semen Analysis---- @ $65 Nett

Semen analysis is the most common and important males fertility test. Infertility is not just a woman’s issue.

Pap Smear Screening---- @ $99.90

A Pap Smear can also detect changes in your cervical cells that suggest cancer may develop in the future.


8 Sinaran Dr, #06-11/12 Singapore 307470


+65 6507 0766


+65 9088 0620 (24/7)


Start Your Fertility Journey with Sincere Healthcare Group

When you decide to begin your fertility journey, you are making an incredible commitment to pursue a long awaited dream, to start a family.
Summer TanSummer Tan
02:50 16 May 24
Suzanne LeeSuzanne Lee
09:10 15 May 24
Raja ManiRaja Mani
09:14 13 May 24
Quick reply
Rajagopal BaskaranRajagopal Baskaran
05:14 10 May 24
Hoon SharonHoon Sharon
04:38 09 May 24
Awesome service, very good staff and very helpful. I am so grateful to Dr Julia and her team.
Bee Hong QuayBee Hong Quay
02:08 08 May 24
Pradeepa KPradeepa K
12:10 06 May 24
Cindy LinCindy Lin
01:24 06 May 24
Very caring doctor
13:35 29 Apr 24
Esther ChenEsther Chen
05:30 29 Apr 24
zaza samuelzaza samuel
03:13 18 Apr 24
Thanks for Dr Julia Tan, Dr Christopher Chong, Lily Suryani and all Sincere’s staff for your great service & support.
Moushumi MazumdarMoushumi Mazumdar
06:18 16 Apr 24
Lyn QuekLyn Quek
02:41 13 Apr 24
Great experience with dr julia tan and her team. Very accommodating and responsive
Wong Pei YiWong Pei Yi
02:27 02 Apr 24
Kelvin TanKelvin Tan
07:35 01 Apr 24
Khin ThidaKhin Thida
03:29 30 Mar 24
Very good service
Lay Lee PooLay Lee Poo
08:06 25 Mar 24
Dr Julia Tan is a great doctor! Thank you so much for the great care and surgery you performed on me. Dr Julia Tan very understanding and taking the time to address my list of concerns prior to the surgery. I want to thank you so much for putting my mind at ease. I highly recommend Dr Julia Tan.
jhef reyesjhef reyes
06:43 25 Mar 24
Yumi koYumi ko
06:08 25 Mar 24
Doctor are good when in face to face consultation.But following question In WhatsApp no reply are no response at all hard to following treatment & future discussion
Joleen WeeJoleen Wee
05:00 23 Mar 24
I recently received care from Dr. Julia and her team, I was thoroughly impressed by their professionalism and attentiveness. Dr. Julia combines deep expertise with genuine empathy, ensuring every question is answered and every procedure is clearly explained. Her team mirrors this excellence, providing a welcoming and efficient environment that puts patients at ease. Highly recommend Dr. Julia & her team 👍🏽
Venus WongVenus Wong
02:36 18 Mar 24
Dr Julia Tan was my gynae and she took me from pre-pregnancy where we did in depth diagnosis into any possible issues I may have, till I was 20 weeks into my pregnancy. I am especially thankful for the precautionary measures she took to assist my pregnancy in the first trimester. I had hcg taken, weekly shots administered and frequent scans to ensure baby was well supported. She was always patient to explain, and made me feel at ease. Special mention to her team Josephine and Melody, who have been warm and approachable at every turn. The other nurses at Sincere have been equally welcoming. My experience at Sincere has been nothing short of excellent and I will highly recommend them to anyone looking for a fertility specialist!
Helen BramleyHelen Bramley
04:44 16 Mar 24
Very professional and fast service
eunice chaeunice cha
16:41 15 Mar 24
Excellent customer service, let me booked my appointment at 12.30am. Amazing!
Joan BongJoan Bong
03:43 13 Mar 24
The staff very friendly service are goodLet us feel very comfortable with the clinic
muriel angmuriel ang
01:29 12 Mar 24
tien-ling limtien-ling lim
03:28 11 Mar 24
Dr Julia Tan is whom I am seeing. She is easy to talk to, very personable and warm. I will definitely recommend her.
Alvin L.Alvin L.
07:25 06 Mar 24
Nikki TanNikki Tan
10:56 05 Mar 24
Sze MizeSze Mize
00:10 03 Mar 24
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐I had an excellent experience with Dr Julia and team. Dr. Julia was incredibly attentive, taking the time to address my concerns and provide thorough explanations. The supporting nurses were not only friendly but also very helpful, creating a warm and comforting atmosphere. I appreciate the outstanding care and professionalism exhibited by the entire team. Highly recommended for anyone seeking compassionate and expert care.
Eva YangEva Yang
04:41 02 Mar 24
Liu DonnaLiu Donna
02:59 29 Feb 24
Dr Julia and Nurse team are very nice and patient for all my questions.
Gabriella MichelleGabriella Michelle
02:18 29 Feb 24
Nur AisyahNur Aisyah
03:30 23 Feb 24
Dr Julia and her team were so gentle and caring. I was very well assured of and taken care of during my appointments and throughout surgery
Jasmin ChewJasmin Chew
02:21 23 Feb 24
Very happy to have Dr Julia as my doctor! She's very patient and will message me to ask me about my progress and concerns after my surgery. Clinic staff are very friendly and professional as well. Thanks to the team for making my recovery progress and experience a pleasant one.
Rabiga IbrayevaRabiga Ibrayeva
01:22 23 Feb 24
Dr. Julia is amazing! Very helpful, explains all aspects concerning your question including options you have, puts you at ease, generous with her time, you don’t feel rushed
Very fast response and able to get my spot appointment soon
isabella-sole bisioisabella-sole bisio
03:58 20 Feb 24
Mohanraj PappuMohanraj Pappu
16:12 19 Feb 24
He mentioned.
carmelita ceriacarmelita ceria
15:15 19 Feb 24
My experience with Dr. Julia and the team at Sincere Medical Centre was truly outstanding. As a first-time mom, I appreciated Dr. Julia's attentive and calming demeanor, which helped alleviate any anxieties I had. She took the time to address all my concerns and provided practical recommendations tailored to my needs.I also want to commend the nursing team, including Josephine and the other nurses, for their prompt and helpful responses to my inquiries. Their efficiency in addressing my concerns, often within minutes, made a significant difference in my overall experience.I highly recommend Sincere Medical Centre to anyone seeking compassionate and professional medical care. Thank you, Dr. Julia, and the entire team, for your exceptional service
Misheck BandaMisheck Banda
04:45 17 Feb 24
Elamurugan OGElamurugan OG
14:04 16 Feb 24
Good response even after working hours too..Appriciate it.thank you
Ellynn YapEllynn Yap
03:00 15 Feb 24
Dr Julia is very detailed, friendly and nice!
chinna rajachinna raja
09:49 14 Feb 24
Mirunaalini KannanMirunaalini Kannan
05:38 14 Feb 24
good service.
Durga Lakshmi BDurga Lakshmi B
01:58 13 Feb 24
suresh sureshsuresh suresh
09:01 11 Feb 24
A Lassie in LondonA Lassie in London
13:36 10 Feb 24
17:53 08 Feb 24
02:01 05 Feb 24
Very fast response and advice very clear.
Jessica KabigtingJessica Kabigting
06:11 29 Jan 24
Great clinic with warm and friendly nurses. Saw Dr. Julia Tan, who was very patient in explaining and responded to our messages during emergencies.
Anju KauraAnju Kaura
15:03 25 Jan 24
Anthea TayAnthea Tay
02:48 25 Jan 24
Fang WangFang Wang
05:15 24 Jan 24
Xav. GXav. G
13:17 19 Jan 24
My wife had been seeing Dr Julia ever since we found out that she is pregnant at week 4+ , Dr Julia and the nurses have all been really friendly and encouraging towards us. Kudos to Dr Julia for being so patient, answering to all of my wife’s inquiries be it through the visits or through WhatsApp. It’s a pity that she doesn’t do delivery if not we’d have stick to her till the end. Thank you so much Dr Julia and team, you’ve made my wife’s first time trimester a whole lot better. 😊
Daniel LimDaniel Lim
13:42 16 Jan 24
Staff is very responsive to my queries even after office hours
Desmond williamsDesmond williams
04:22 16 Jan 24
Very disorganised. The front desk sent the phlebotomy nurse away when we were waiting for her. Also problems with registration due to lack of communication with each other.For a private clinic, this is very bad. I have worked in hospitals for 13 years and never saw such bad patient process flows. 20 minutes waiting for another phlebotomist to come from some place when we brought this to their attention.All the front desk said was that they would give the feedback to management...but I reminded them that it was them , not 'management ' that sent the phlebotomist away.
Dheeptha RajeshDheeptha Rajesh
14:50 08 Jan 24
xiajuan yexiajuan ye
08:19 08 Jan 24
Jisha ThomasJisha Thomas
05:26 06 Jan 24
Sonia CSonia C
16:28 02 Jan 24
06:31 20 Dec 23
Dr Andy and his team has been very friendly and attentive from day one. This has given us confidence and assurance, especially for first time parents. We are thankful and appreciate the journey so far!
01:02 20 Dec 23
Salina DotelSalina Dotel
03:57 19 Dec 23
Outstanding center and Doctor! Exceptional care, knowledgeable healthcare professionals, and a positive experience overall
Helen LuoHelen Luo
15:38 15 Dec 23
The nurses and doctors are very patient and friendly
Hoe Yoke YeeHoe Yoke Yee
08:42 14 Dec 23
Big shout-out to Alice and Rose for the wonderful service. They are warm and friendly throughout the whole process.
Dee DeeDee Dee
15:59 12 Dec 23
Service staffs are not very professional.
Meena AnnamalaiMeena Annamalai
05:17 09 Dec 23
Elamurugan OGElamurugan OG
03:34 07 Dec 23
04:13 06 Dec 23
I went to the clinic for my appointment on time and they told me to wait 90 mins. They have my WhatsApp and they texted me all the time. However they could not even give me a heads-up in advance. I went there wasting 90 mins of my time out of a working day for something they knew and could have easily informed me. This is a private clinic and i except more - if i were to wait 90 mins i would have gone to SGH and they would be cheaper.They never informed me after my surgery what to do/what not to do and didn’t even tell me the appointment the doctor had scheduled for me so i had no idea that I needed to go for an appointment later.They also never did a test in a medical check-up package that they said that they would schedule for me. I would not recommend this clinic to anybody as they do not respect patients’ time and health.
Evette LewEvette Lew
06:21 30 Nov 23
I’ve not visited a gynae in a decade and was feeling nervous. All the front desk officers and nurses were very kind to assure me that all will be okay and I’m in good hands by sharing the basis procedures.I must say that I appreciate Dr Julie for listening to patients’ concern and gladly advice about my worries on perimenopause and heavy menstrual bleeding.Sincere is lucky is have Lily and Josephine as their front line crews. They are well groomed, polite and always friendly.
Audrey TanAudrey Tan
01:58 30 Nov 23
Dr Julia is gentle and patient in answering my questions and clearing my doubts
Alan YeoAlan Yeo
06:07 29 Nov 23
Happy TangHappy Tang
10:04 24 Nov 23
The message was not passed into the doctor
Marin CaoMarin Cao
00:48 24 Nov 23
Dimple GosainDimple Gosain
04:37 22 Nov 23
Excellent doctor and very kind and friendly staff
Allan FullerAllan Fuller
10:13 21 Nov 23
Elmie AntonioElmie Antonio
02:30 15 Nov 23
Reyna sewReyna sew
02:26 14 Nov 23
Nice people
vijay trivedivijay trivedi
04:12 12 Nov 23
Thank you Dr. Julia Tan. Awesome support from Josephine and Lily
justine lamjustine lam
04:51 11 Nov 23
Helen LohHelen Loh
02:49 11 Nov 23
Good service, detail scans and check up. Clear explanations.
Pui Mum LeePui Mum Lee
02:08 11 Nov 23
Comfy and clean environment.Staff are friendly and helpful.Prof Ng is very professional and care for patients.
Rouie DomingoRouie Domingo
02:07 11 Nov 23
Great and kind customer service and detailed description on diagnosis
Meenakshi SoodMeenakshi Sood
03:10 10 Nov 23
Dr Julia Tan is a fantastic doctor. She is very warm and considerate. Highly recommended.
Thye Wah YeowThye Wah Yeow
09:30 09 Nov 23
It was a pleasant journey for us at sincere medical. For the whole journey, Prof Ng and his staff patiently guided us. We would not succeed without their care and encouragement. They are always contactable and gives professional advice. We would like to also specially thank Alice and Rose, whom does their best to help us, during those stressful days.It was all worth it!Thank you Sincere medical team!
Loft HoLoft Ho
08:37 09 Nov 23
Dr Julia Tan is very professional and caring. The nurses in her Clinc at Novena Spcialist Centre are very nice and friendly.
Sonia JSonia J
04:03 08 Nov 23
Meizhi TanMeizhi Tan
02:54 06 Nov 23
Done my IVF with Prof Ng Soon Chye. Whole journey was smooth and the nurses there are so knowledgeable and caring. Thank you Prof Ng, Alice and Rose for your meticulously care and concern.
Yong hin TanYong hin Tan
06:05 03 Nov 23
Friendly staff and welcoming environment
Subhashini MuthuSubhashini Muthu
02:33 03 Nov 23
Alfa CatiloAlfa Catilo
02:05 03 Nov 23
Highly skilled and very caring doctors - Dr Julia, Dr Ho and Professor. Smooth coordination with staff. Looking forward to successful journey with them.
Anni LauAnni Lau
04:46 27 Oct 23
I consulted Dr Julia Tan for my condition which I had. She is a friendly and caring doctor who attended my condition. She gave a clear explanation to me on the next course of treatment. Besides that her team, Josephine, is a friendly staff as well who assisted me at the end of the consultation. A highly recommended doctor in this clinic.
Charlie GCharlie G
07:56 24 Oct 23
Had a pleasant experience with most of the staff at this clinic. Dr Julia Tan made the efforts to explain the medical concerns, procedures & risks etc to me. Also the lady who prescribed the medication to me has been very helpful by making sure I understood how to complete my medication
Cindy TanCindy Tan
14:01 22 Oct 23
The staff at Sincere Healthcare Group are nothing short of amazing – extremely attentive, patient and helpful. Highly recommend Dr John Yam. Dr John was extremely patient and clear in answering all my questions and provided lots of advice throughout. He was also very reassuring and encouraging and tracks my progress closely during the procedure. Extremely thankful to Dr John and the team at Sincere Healthcare Group! 🙂
Shirley TayShirley Tay
04:19 19 Oct 23
Dr Julia Tan is a committed and dedicated doctor. Her advice and explanations are always detailed. Most importantly, she listens well to her patients and offer alternative solutions that are comfortable to them. Highly recommended.
Farhana LFarhana L
10:06 16 Oct 23
Good doctor but service overall by other staff need to improve.
Ahiang TanAhiang Tan
06:53 16 Oct 23
Very good service and very caring doctorThsnk you so much Dr Julia
Rebeca RamónRebeca Ramón
05:30 02 Oct 23
Dr. Julia Tan is so professional and kind. As a foreigner having found her was a true blessing. She is a great doctor and cares for her patients.Rebeca Ramon
Afshar AfsharAfshar Afshar
04:52 30 Sep 23
Chris LimChris Lim
06:39 28 Sep 23
We found Dr Julia to be a very approachable, compassionate n caring doctor.I felt that my partner was in safe and very capable hands when undergoing her surgery with D Julia and Dr Chris Chong.I highly recommend her to my relatives n friends that require any Gynae or Obstetric problems
wee limeiwee limei
06:36 28 Sep 23
dr julia tan is a patient and gentle doctor. she explains well and checked in wellduring my pre and post surgery and my recovery. i’m glad that i found her and felt comfortable to see her.
Corina HuangCorina Huang
04:28 28 Sep 23
Professional in opinions. Caring doctors
Rachel TanRachel Tan
01:36 28 Sep 23
Highly recommend Dr Julia from Sincere Medical Specialist! She is so patient and caring and answers all forms of enquiries that a patient might possibly have. Thanks Dr Julia!
Pin Liv WongPin Liv Wong
05:01 27 Sep 23
I had an excellent experience with Dr. Julia Tan! Her expertise and compassionate care made me feel comfortable and confident throughout my treatment. She took the time to clearly explain everything to me, answered all my questions, and truly listened to my concerns. She makes herself contactable and available for questions or concerns anytime. I highly recommend Dr Julia to anyone seeking top-notch medical care. Thank you for your exceptional care and medical service!
cecilie wildfangcecilie wildfang
03:12 25 Sep 23
Very processional and kind! I can definitely recommend this clinic for everyone who wish to have a child.
Aaron QuigleyAaron Quigley
02:09 25 Sep 23
Sranya MSranya M
12:53 22 Sep 23
Dennis ChiangDennis Chiang
02:52 22 Sep 23
The team is friendly through out my journey here !Prof Ng, Alice and Rose had make the whole process a pleasant and a “successful” one
Maxine MakMaxine Mak
01:16 21 Sep 23
Warm and caring doctors and nurses - a very pleasant experience 🙂
Katie WakefieldKatie Wakefield
02:31 20 Sep 23
Finding a doctor is always so tough so when you hit the lottery with one - it’s an absolute blessing. Dr Tan is extremely compassionate about her patients. I came in with an issue that needed further investigation, not only did she listen to me but also provided me with the necessary care and attention. She’ll provide recommendations, communicate next steps.Her staff is equally as helpful and kind.I’d highly recommend Dr Tan to anyone needing support in women’s health.
09:26 19 Sep 23
Dr Julia answered my questions well with clarity. She is considerate and gives a heads up before doing anything that can cause pain. I feel comfortable during the checkup and when talking to her. Her assistant and other clinic staff is nice and polite as well throughout my visit. Thank you so much!
Sherry TohSherry Toh
07:36 11 Sep 23
Was referred to Dr Julia Tan by a friend. She is professional and attentive. At the same time, she is very personable. I feel very comfortable talking to her, more than just a doctor from my perspective. Would definitely recommend her if you need help.
Yu TingYu Ting
10:45 23 Aug 23
Had a wonderful experience with Dr Julia and her team for a surgery ❤️ Dr Julia was very clear with explaining my condition and navigating the solutions I can consider. It helped me feel comfortable with my decision making when previously I was quite worried and unsure. She was also helpful in liaising with insurance company to make sure the pre-approval process was done before surgery.Surgery day was comfortable, the doctors/nurses tending to me are professional and assuring. I experienced no side effects or discomfort post-surgery thanks to her skillful expertise. The front desk team and nurses were also very helpful for my various needs along the way 👍🏻 Plus calming view from the spacious waiting room
Renee GanRenee Gan
14:00 26 Jul 23
Professor Ng is very experienced especially in recurrent ivf failures. With Professor's expertise and with great patience, we manage to collect good quality embryos. Subsequently, the medication protocol that follows after a positive hcg help stabilised our first trimester of pregnancy. Professor Ng is also very empathic. His calm and warm personality gave us the assurance we needed throughout the journey. We are very thankful to Professor Ng and his clinic nurses and staff -Rose, Alice, Ashley, Sin Yee.. Your little actions helped in one way or another made this journey possible. Thank you
lynn queklynn quek
11:21 24 Jul 23
I’m thankful to get to know Dr Julia Tan from Sincere Healthcare as she is a very soft-spoken and caring doctor. I remember the care she have given to me when I was so fearful before the surgery but she managed to calm me down within minutes. She even go extra miles to answer my messages and assist me with the insurance emails. Thumbs up for Dr Julia and her nurses for the great team work. Highly recommended👍🏻
Mohamed SalighMohamed Saligh
04:42 15 Jul 23
Zoe LauZoe Lau
03:13 14 Jul 23
Dr Tan is a very caring doctor and she helped me deal with my issues. I’m fortunate to have chanced upon Dr Tan and her team.
clair mokclair mok
04:05 10 Jul 23
Dr Julia was patient and compassionate during our entire interaction. Her team is also very gentle and cheery. Highly recommend the team.
Li LianLi Lian
06:55 05 Apr 23
Dr Julia Tan is an amazing and caring doctor. She provides good aftercare services. Her nurses are friendly and caring too.
Meiz LeongMeiz Leong
07:21 02 Mar 23
Highly recommend Sincere Healthcare and Dr Julia Tan who is a very kind, patient and caring doctor. She always responds to any queries I have when I message her, even after office hours. The nurses (Lily, Aslinda and Ada) are very friendly and helpful as well. I’m in good hands and well taken care of here.
Melody WongMelody Wong
06:29 01 Dec 22
Sincere Healthcare Group is a well managed clinic with professional and polite staff who are helpful and patient. When I first I saw Dr Julia Tan, who continues to treat me for endometriosis, she outlined a clear treatment plan and shared useful information about the condition. Her quiet confidence and expertise convinced me to proceed with the surgery. She is a caring doctor who kept in contact with me regularly prior to and after my surgical procedure. Furthermore, both Dr Julia and her team were also helpful with regards to insurance matters and rendered assistance and advice readily.Thank you Dr Julia and the team at Sincere Healthcare group!
Dhanya PradeepDhanya Pradeep
05:39 27 Nov 22
As a first timer. I had a great experience with Sincere Medical Specialist center. Dr.Julia Tan Wan Chin is incredible. Not only she has taken good care of my health, but also she is very friendly to speak with and also is ready to reply for my queries anytime. It’s rare to find a doctor having such personal touches and care for a patient as a person. I highly recommend her. She’s also an excellent surgeon. The staff is also very friendly and professional.
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